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There are lots of ways to get involved if you’re able to contribute some time. You can do as much volunteering as works for you. Please come and help us in our mission to share food across our community, and build a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.


Open Positions

We often recruit for specific positions within the Foodbank. This could be a lead role where you will have a particular responsibility for an area of the Foodbank or it could be a position that requires a special skill, such as social media management, book-keeping or copy writing. If you’re interested, keep an eye out for new vacancies at the bottom of this page. 


Our main volunteer rota is for packing and serving when the Food Bank is open. Volunteers unpack items from storage, set up tables and make the hall ready for guests. They serve guests during opening hours, and at the end of the shift there’s some clearing up to do. Volunteers are responsible for booking their own shifts so please look out for the link to the rota after you join! 



We are always on the lookout for drivers who can help move food we have sourced for the Food Bank. Most are local deliveries which are arranged as and when supplies become available. Drivers stay in touch via a chat group with Drivers responding to requests if they’re able to take them on.


Food sourcing

Sourcing products for the Food Bank is essential, and our amazing Food Sourcing team are constantly on the case. They need help with ordering food, phone calls and developing contacts as well as pick-ups and deliveries. 

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