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Bounds Green Food Bank grew out of the work of residents who mobilised to provide support for all in Bounds Green during the Covid-19 pandemic. The local organisations were:
• Bounds Green Mutual Aid (Haringey)
• Bowes Park Community Association a registered charity (Enfield)
• Bounds Green North Community (Enfield) 
A month before the lockdown of 2020, we established a network of street groups ready to help neighbours with shopping, prescription deliveries and friendly support. Once these services were running the need for a weekly food parcel delivery service became apparent. We were helped by Palmers Green Mosque who stepped in to provide a supply of donated food to residents.
As the end of the three month lockdown neared, we recognised that the economic fallout of the pandemic was likely to grow leaving many people in the area facing ongoing food insecurity. Establishing a Food Bank seemed to be the most appropriate response. An enthusiastic and dedicated group of coordinators came together under the joint organisation of Bounds Green Mutual Aid and Bowes Park Community Association. The Food Bank opened in June 2020  just as the lockdown was easing. 
Our initial funding came from Haringey Giving and London Community Response Fund. We also have the benefit of accessing a strong network of food donation suppliers across North London. Local residents support us with food contributions, regular monthly donations, and their time volunteering.

2024 update: number of visits per guest

As you may know, the food bank has been under a financial strain due to a combination of factors: an increase to the cost of groceries, the decrease in donations and the growth in numbers of guests needing the food bank. This has led us to consider ways to keep the food bank open.


After consultations with guests and volunteers, we’ve come to the decision to limit the number of visits each guest can make to the food bank. From 12 March 2024, guests will be able to come once a week, rather than twice a week.


We are continuing to explore ways to raise money so that we can continue to support the community. We hope that this will be a temporary measure. Thank you for your understanding.

Vision and mission

As a proudly inclusive organisation we are committed to work with all who share our vision, mission and values:

We envisage a community in which everyone has access to food and other essentials.
Our commitment is to share food across our community and improve lives by providing food and essential household items to build a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.
We aim to:
• Promote social inclusion by supporting people who find themselves in a crisis situation where they need assistance to feed themselves and their families.
• Provide first tier support and advice where needed, so that people can access available welfare entitlements and other support services.
• Create opportunities for both guests and volunteers to broaden their skills and experiences so that we as a community develop and grow.
• Providing fresh as well as packaged and tinned food, cleaning materials and toiletries.
• Being available to all experiencing food insecurity.
• Evolving towards more sustainable practices that minimise our impact on the environment.
• Treating volunteers, guests & donors as equally valid members of our community, without preferential treatment, built on respect and equality.
• Celebrating our differences across race, class, sex, sexuality, and ability and not accepting any discriminatory behaviour in the Food Bank.  
• Empowerment of all volunteers to make a positive impact in Bounds Green by working openly and enabling active involvement by all.

Our Partners

City Harvest
Food Bank Aid
The Felix Project
Growing Communities
Beauty Banks

Legal Disclosure
Bounds Green Food Bank is a registered charity 12050320 
Copyright of Bounds Green Food Bank 2024

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