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Bounds Green Food Bank was established in June 2020 as a resource for those in need in our community. As members of the neighbourhood, our volunteers reflect the wide range of backgrounds and beliefs of those living in our part of North London. We are united in the vision that everyone in our community should have access to food.


We set our own guidelines on how people can access the food on offer. This independence enables us to give guests the products they particularly need; which includes allowing a choice from what’s available including fresh produce, store cupboard essentials and cleaning products. 


• Bounds Green Food Bank accepts anyone who needs to use the food bank and who lives within our postcode area. 

• Please also bring photo ID or proof of address with you when you first visit so that we can register you.


If you are planning to visit us for the first time we want you to know that we look forward to meeting you and giving you a respectful welcome. To get directions please go to the find us page. 

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